In The World Of Adult Videos, To Each One His Own

Adult videos is such a vast genre that it means different things to different people Many think it is all about action And by action, I mean physically intimate action. There would be the stereotypical bimbo who would get enamored by the photocopy operator or courier delivery guy.

Though there are certainly movies of the corny plot that I listed above, there are also movies that are much different. In fact the adult movie has truly become that, an industry. In this industry, like in any other developed industry, we observe differentiated products. For instance, what people enjoy while watching adult material changes from viewer to viewer.

Some prefer to watch the usual man meets woman fare. To others it might be the intimacy of people from the same gender. Given that homosexuality is coming out of the closet in large quantities, the adult material associated with it is also getting more and more mainstream. I would go to the extent of saying that as in the case of all other realities, real life feeds on reel life and reel life feeds on real life.

It is gender and a lot more. It is also about the overall genre of the movies. Is it a romance, is it action, or is it horror? That is what brings the adult movie genre at an intersection with movies of the general kind.

I think that this is a natural evolution of the adult genre that makes it work like an industry. That is also what makes it conducive to have niches and sub-niches within the adult movie genre.

Beyond the gender issue and the theme or plot of the movie lays the fact that the very act of intimacy is conducted in different ways. Any adult knows that there is more than one way to go about adult business. That is where specialist genres in adult movies get created. Sometimes it is also about whether one tried to be natural or used toys or implements to get the thing done.

In this article as in many adult movies, sometimes for the benefit of discerning audience, though adult material is involved, it is embedded discreetly so as to not affect the sensibilities of those that prefer lighter fare.

Finally it becomes, as is the title of this article, to each one his or her own. There are people at both ends of the spectrum. And then there are those who would relish watching anything in between.